Radio-Control Airplanes

Videos, photos, and build logs of RC airplane models.

Concorde airliner. Manta Trainer, spyplane testbed. Onboard crash videos. Onboard video from scale gliders.
Art Hobby Sky, 1.7m carbon/poplar e-glider. Projeti, foamie rocketship. Ornithopters, aerial photography, scale aerobatics.
Terry, reinforced foamie. Onboard videos. Picojet, abused foamie trainer. Su-do-khoi aerobat, mid-air and mid-bush.
Seeker, hand-launch glider. Speedwing 400, grab-n-go sleek aerobat. Pizza Box Flyer.
Wild Thing, tiny aerobat prototype. Tubular, custom 2m e-glider. Steamboat. Brass-and-Sterno
meets 2.4GHz.
2m ultralight hotliner.
Lancair fiberglass ARF. Videos from NEAT 2004.
Aero Ace, disposable but fun. Experiment 1, serrated night-flier.

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