Grapheme-to-phoneme transduction for cross-language ASR
M Hasegawa-Johnson, L Rolston, C Goudeseune, GA Levow, K Kirchhoff
Stat. Lang. Speech Proc.:3‒19, invited paper


Fast transcription of speech in low-resource languages
M Hasegawa-Johnson, C Goudeseune, GA Levow
arXiv:1909.07285 [cs.CL] preprint


Epidermal electronics for noninvasive, wireless, quantitative assessment of ventricular catheter function
S Krishnan, T Ray, A Ayer, Y Ma, P Gutru, K Lee, J Lee, C Wei, X Feng, B Ng, Z Abecassis, N Murthy, I Stankiewicz, J Freudman, J Stillman, N Kim, G Young, C Goudeseune, J Ciraldo, M Tate, Y Huang, M Potts, J Rogers
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Generating nontrivial melodies for music as a service
Y Teng, A Zhao, C Goudeseune
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Elisa system description for LoReHLT 2017
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Proc. Low Resource Human Lang. Technol., 51‒59

Topic labeling of speech in low-resource languages
C Goudeseune, M Hasegawa-Johnson
Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium, Chicago


ASPIRE: automation supporting prolonged independent residence of the elderly
N Hovakimyan, A Kirlik, D Stipanovic, R Wang, A Laviers, X Wang, R Carbonari, C Goudeseune
Aging 2.0, San Francisco

Stitched panoramas from low-cost airborne video cameras
C Goudeseune
J. Unmanned Aerial Sys. 2(1):56‒67

VR study of human-multicopter interaction in a residential setting
T Marinho, A Lakshmanan, V Cichella, C Widdowson, H Cui, R Jones, B Sebastian, C Goudeseune
IEEE VR video proceedings


Integrating the arts into STEM education: an ongoing dialogue
B Azeredo, C Goudeseune, J Lakowski, S Lopez, A Beaudoin
ASME Intl. Mech. Eng. Congress and Expo, Houston

Motion trails from time-lapse video
C Goudeseune
arXiv:1512.01533 [cs.CV] preprint


Musical instrument design
C Goudeseune
Designing for Emerging Technologies 255‒272, ed. J Follett, O'Reilly

UAS observation of animal movement patterns for early disease detection
C Goudeseune
Aviation Innovation Conf., Coordinated Science Lab, UIUC

Stretchable, multiplexed pH sensors with demonstrations on rabbit and human hearts undergoing ischemia
H Chung, M Sulkin, J Kim, C Goudeseune, H Chao, J Song, S Yang, Y Hsu, R Ghafari, I Efimov, J Rogers
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Saliency-maximized audio visualization and efficient audio-visual browsing for faster-than-real-time human acoustic event detection
KH Lin, X Zhuang, C Goudeseune, S King, M Hasegawa-Johnson, T Huang
ACM Trans. Appl. Perception 10(4):26:1‒26:16

Stitched panoramas from toy airborne video cameras
C Goudeseune
arXiv:1311.6500 [cs.CV] preprint

Mechanized GTD
C Goudeseune
Postdoctoral Research Symp., UIUC


Improving faster-than-real-time human acoustic event detection by saliency-maximized audio visualization
K Lin, X Zhuang, C Goudeseune, S King, M Hasegawa-Johnson, T Huang
Proc. IEEE ICASSP, 2277‒2280, Kyoto

Effective browsing of long audio recordings
C Goudeseune
Proc. ACM Intl. Workshop on Interactive Multimedia on Mobile and Portable Devices, 35‒41, Nara, Japan


Multimodal speech and audio user interfaces for K-12 outreach
M Hasegawa-Johnson, C Goudeseune, J Cole, H Kaczmarski, H Kim, S King, T Mahrt, J Huan, X Zhuang, K Lin, H Sharma, Z Li, T Huang
Proc. Asia-Pacific Signal and Info. Proc. Assn. Annual Summit and Conf., 526‒531, Xi'an, China

Topological considerations for tuning and fingering stringed instruments
T Allen, C Goudeseune
arXiv:1105.1383 [cs.SD] preprint


Efficient simultaneous multi-scale computation of FFTs
D Cohen, C Goudeseune, M Hasegawa-Johnson
Technical report GT-FODAVA-09-01

Visual analytics for audio
M Hasegawa-Johnson, C Goudeseune, K Lin, D Cohen, X Zhou, X Zhuang, K Kim, H Kaczmarski, T Huang
Neural Info. Proc. Sys. Workshop on Visual Analytics, Whistler, Canada

Adaptation of tandem hidden Markov models for non-speech audio event detection
M Hasegawa-Johnson, X Zhuang, X Zhou, C Goudeseune, T Huang
J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 125, 2730, Baltimore


Myriad: scalable VR via peer-to-peer connectivity, PC clustering, and transient inconsistency
B Schaeffer, P Brinkmann, G Francis, C Goudeseune, J Crowell, H Kaczmarski
Comp. Anim. Virtual Worlds 18:1‒17


Theory, testing and in-flight: put teeth on it and take a bite out of your airplane's stall
C Goudeseune
Quiet Flyer Magazine 11(4):18‒23


Application framework for CANVAS, the virtual reality environment for museums
H Kaczmarski, C Goudeseune, B Schaeffer, L Chong, R Marshack, L Hendrickson, J Crowell
Electronic imaging, the visual arts and beyond (EVA), London


AVICAR: audio-visual speech corpus in a car environment
B Lee, M Hasegawa-Johnson, C Goudeseune, S Kamdar, S Borys, M Liu, T Huang
Intl. Conf. Spoken Lang. Proc., 2489‒2492, Jeju, Korea

Synchronous data collection from diverse hardware
C Goudeseune, B Kowitz
Driving Simulation Conference - Europe, Paris


Open-loop dereverberation of multichannel room impulse responses
B Lee, M Hasegawa-Johnson, C Goudeseune
J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 113, 4:2202‒2203

Open-loop multi-channel inversion of room impulse response
B Lee, C Goudeseune, M Hasegawa-Johnson
arXiv:1105.1383 [cs.SD] preprint

Syzygy: native PC cluster VR
B Schaeffer, C Goudeseune
Proc. IEEE VR, 15‒22

ALICE on the eightfold way: exploring curved spaces in an enclosed virtual reality theater
G Francis, C Goudeseune, H Kaczmarski, B Schaeffer, J Sullivan
Visualization and Mathematics Ⅲ, ed. HC Hege and K Polthier, 307‒317, Springer


Interpolated mappings for musical instruments
C Goudeseune
Organised Sound 7(2):85‒96, © Cambridge U. Press


Composing outdoor augmented-reality sound environments
C Goudeseune, H Kaczmarski
Proc. Intl. Comp. Music Conf., 83‒86, Havana

The Eviolin: motion capture for musical instruments
C Goudeseune
Invited presentation, Microsoft Research, Redmond

Composing with parameters for synthetic instruments
C Goudeseune
Dissertation, U. of Illinois

Resonant processing of instrumental sound controlled by spatial position
C Goudeseune, G Garnett, T Johnson
Proc. Conf. New Instruments for Musical Expression, 24‒26, ACM SIGCHI, Seattle


Coney Island: combining jMax, Spat and VSS for acoustic integration of spatial and temporal models in a virtual reality installation
R Bargar, F Dechelle, I Choi, A Betts, C Goudeseune, N Schnell, O Warusfel
Proc. Intl. Comp. Music Conf., 149‒153, Berlin


Performance factors in control of high-dimensional spaces
G Garnett, C Goudeseune
Proc. Intl. Comp. Music Conf., 268‒271, Beijing

System and method for interfacing a 2D or 3D movement space to a high dimensional sound synthesis control space
R Bargar, I Choi, C Goudeseune
US patent 6,009,394; related WIPO patent

A violin controller for real-time audio synthesis
C Goudeseune
Technical Report, Integrated Systems Laboratory, UIUC


The Optiverse (musical score)
G Francis, S Levy, J Sullivan
Electronic Theater, ACM SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles;
Intl. Congr. Math. VideoMath Festival, Berlin

A real-time audio scheduler for Pentium PCs
C Goudeseune, M Hamman
Proc. Intl. Comp. Music Conf., 158‒162, Berlin


Mapping data and audio using an event-driven audio server for personal computers
M Hamman, C Goudeseune
Proc. Intl. Conf. Auditory Display, 158‒162, Palo Alto


A manifold interface for a high dimensional control space
I Choi, R Bargar, C Goudeseune
Proc. Intl. Comp. Music Conf., 385‒392, Banff


Model-based interactive sound for an immersive virtual environment
R Bargar, I Choi, S Das, C Goudeseune
Proc. Intl. Comp. Music Conf., 471‒474, Aarhus


Investigation of timbre using spectral matching, modelling, and interpolation
J Beauchamp, A Horner, C Gennaula, C Goudeseune
Proc. Intl. Symp. Musical Acoustics, 51‒54, Tokyo

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