Sheet Music

Triple Shot of Espresso

Page 1.

Three views of a miraculous molecule, for the biochemistry-dodecaphony crowd.

                 / \
           N----C   C==O
          ||   ||   |
          ||   ||   | 
          CH    C   N--CH3
            \  / \ /
             N    C
             |   ||
            CH3   O 

Memories of Green

Page 1, Page 2.

From the soundtrack by Vangelis to the movie Blade Runner.

Arranged by me for solo piano, without anybody's permission. Obviously his publisher has the copyright, so I won't claim copyright on this arrangement. But if they want to publish this too, fine by me!

Listen to the version on the CD. It swims in reverb and has various synth effects added, subtle and not so subtle. This version captures what he'd have done during a power failure. A few performance notes:

Andrew De Grado taught me piano from 1991 to 1994. He died suddenly while on tour in 1998. The final words in Blade Runner are Deckard's. "I didn't know how long we had together. Then again, who does?"

The Measure of My Days

Eight pages, 13 MB.

Baritone solo parts in Brahms' German Requiem arranged for baritone and piano solo. "Liturgical length" so it works in church as easily as in concert.

Commissioned by Frank Knowles; first performed by him and me.

This isn't your grandfather's Schirmer orchestral reduction; it's honestly retextured in the style of his Op. 116-119 late piano pieces.